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In order to develop a set of risk management and decision tools, information is required in the areas of;


-  Prediction of Deterioration Considering Climate change

-  Traffic Effect Forecasting

-  Risk profiling.


Work packages are developed around these three concepts within the overall Work Plan which consists of 5 work packages, as shown opposite. 

WP1 covers the management of the project as a whole and the dissemination of outcomes. 

The primary objective of WP2 is to determine the vulnerability of key elements of the road infrastructure to increased damage in response to climate change effects. 


The objective of WP3 is to quantify the implications for infrastructure risk, of growth in the frequency and weights of vehicle. 


In WP4 a risk framework for assessing the overall risk of critical road infrastructure elements will be developed.


WP5 represents the ultimate step of the proposed framework in which optimal decisions are to be made, to ensure that the reliability of structural systems is maintained or improved, under multiple objectives integrating uncertainties and various constraints. Such an approach will integrate a probability-based approach for understanding the effect of technological, environmental, economical, social and political interactions on the life-cycle performance and cost of engineering infrastructure. A further aim within this WP is to identify stakeholders so that the proposed tool can be tested on real case studies

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