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ROD-IS was established in 2009 as the research and development subsidiary of Roughan O’Donovan, a long established firm of Irish Consulting Engineers. ROD-IS clients include the European Commission and transport authorities in Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. ROD-IS provides specialist consultancy services and is involves in a number of European 7th Framework Funded Projects. For this project, ROD-IS brings the experience of its directors who have over 50 years combined experience in research in the fields of traffic loading and risk based asset management of bridge structures.

GDG is a specialist geotechnical engineering consultancy providing innovative geotechnical solutions to a broad range of engineering problems. GDG is an Irish based company that provides engineering services to the international market, including concept design, detailed design, in-situ monitoring and general geotechnical advice. GDG has developed from a strong background in geomechanics and applied geotechnical research. Through application of these skills, we offer progressive and reliable geotechnical designs across a range of industry problems. GDG are actively involved in a diverse range of international projects ranging from major civil infrastructure projects, harbours/marinas, development of offshore oil/gas fields, onshore and offshore windfarms, and commercial structures. Our clients include large civil and building contractors, project developers and engineering consulting firms.

ZAG is the leading Slovenian institute in the field of building and civil engineering. In the area of road asset management it has been for many decades developing tools for efficient management of roads, including the bridge inspection system and structural safety assessment system using realistic traffic loading and behaviour of bridges. It has been a major partner in most of the recent European research projects dealing with roads (BRIME, FORMAT, COST 345, COST 354, SAMARIS, ARCHES, Heroad, Procross) and has coordinated projects CERTAIN, SPENS and TRA2008 (Transport Research Arena 2008). Its researches are active in many national and international organisations dealing with asset management, such as PIARC (World Road Association), IABMAS (International association for Bridge Management and Safety), ISWIM (International Society for Weigh-in-Motion).

The French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks (IFSTTAR)

IFSTTAR is the French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks of both France's ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing and the ministry of higher education and research. Recognised as a new reference organisation in the international arena, IFSTTAR conducts applied research and expert appraisals in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues, with the aim of improving the living conditions of France's residents and, more broadly, promoting the sustainable development of our societies.


In the project Re-Gen, IFSTTAR’s Materials and Structures Department (MAST) is involved through the participation of researchers in the Safety and Durability of Structures Laboratory (SDOA). The MAST department conducts research and expert appraisals in the areas of materials, transport infrastructure and large civil engineering structures, in particular those used in electricity production and transportation. The areas covered by the department’s laboratories means it can deal with research issues at several levels, from fundamental to applied research, and from the nanoscale of the material to the scale of infrastructure networks. The SDOA laboratory focuses on the managing of structures, the mechanisms degrading their reliability and their durability as well as the actions which affect these structures. These research activities especially deal with auscultation, assessment, maintenance, repair and management optimization of these structures. 


In Re-Gen, IFSTTAR contributes to WP3 (Traffic Effect Forecasting), WP4 (Risk Profiling) and leads WP5 (Risk Management & Decision Tools).

Rambøll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. They employ 10,000 experts and have a significant presence in Northern Europe, India and the Middle East. With close to 200 offices in 21 countries they emphasise local experience combined with a global knowledge-base. They constantly strive to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to our customers, end-users and society as a whole. Ramboll works across the markets: Buildings, Transport, Environment, Energy, Oil & Gas and Management Consulting. Ramboll are market leading in asset management for bridges, tunnel, ports etc. – and experts in all areas related to condition survey, rehabilitation and maintenance planning. They perform all the necessary assessments and work according to local geography and climate.

TU-Delft The Safety Science Group within TU-Delft is participating in Re-Gen and it conducts research into the way in which safety and security related risks are assessed and managed. It focuses on developing Safety Science methodologies and transfer of knowledge and methodologies between different application domains. Safety Science Group has developed from a strong background in risk modelling for design and management. The group uses system modelling tools to tackle this problem in complex technologies such as the railways, shipping, aviation, process industries, and construction.

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