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The primary aim of this project is to produce outputs (recommendations and tools) for the benefit of National Road Administrations in Europe which will enable the NRAs to significantly reduce risks to ageing infrastructure. To achieve this goal, a wide range of dissemination activities are organised including:

-  Stakeholder engagement

-  Project website

- Social Media

-  Special sessions and workshops at conferences

-  Publications in relevant journals

-  Biannual eNewsletter will capture key findings and report on progress

risk analysis software tool (EIRE - European Road Infrastructure Risk Evaluation Tool) for use within the project that will allow national road authorities to analyse and evaluate risks to ageing infrastructure of alternative climate change and traffic growth scenarios.

-  A promotion “roadshow” to present the findings from both aspects of the project to NRAs across the EU;

-   Promotion “surgeries” carried out with up to six NRAs to support implementation of the developed tools;

-  Development and distribution to contacts made (via the RE-GEN website) of case studies showing the benefits of cross-border adoption of risk based approaches in the management of ageing infrastructure;

-  Engagement with CEDR and other trans-European organisations (e.g. FEHRL, European Union Road Federation, PIARC) to promote the findings and champion uptake

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